Photo by  Eleanor Lee , co-founder of  Meraki Narrative

Photo by Eleanor Lee, co-founder of Meraki Narrative

Hey there! I'm Amrit Richmond, founder & CEO of Birdie Collective. I've spent the past 12 years building communities and partnerships for VC funds, brands, startups, and media companies, and continue to operate CMYK Ventures, a marketing agency based in San Francisco. Before working with investors, I led consumer research and digital strategy campaigns for advertising agencies.

I started Birdie Collective after looking for something just like it – a consumer panel to help brands understand what modern women really think and want from new products. 

My passion for CPG sparked when I was a kid. I watched my family members work with organic food, apparel, and cosmetic brands, build three restaurants, and a frozen food line sold in Whole Foods. Since then, I've been lucky to have helped 200+ brands and startups launch, grow, and thrive throughout my career. I'm excited to help many more brands grow through Birdie Collective.