Spirits Pre-screener Survey

Hello there! Birdie Collective is working with a soon to launch beverage brand to understand how you feel about whiskey and tequila brands.

The following survey is a series of questions about your spirits consumption habits, buying preferences, and perception of whiskey and/or tequila brands.

Participation Requirements

  • Have purchased a bottle of spirits in the last three months 
  • Have ordered a drink made with whiskey, bourbon, rye, or scotch in the last two months
  • Available for a one-hour offline interview 
  • Must already live in one of the cities (see below) designated for our study
  • Must be 21+ years old to participate 

Session Details

  • Sessions available in Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 in LA, SF, Chicago, and Nashville
  • If you’re chosen, we’re offering a $100 gratuity for your participation

We’ll follow up via email with an invitation to schedule an interview if you’re a fit for our study!

Amrit Richmond